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Fitting Guide : Align 800 Fuselage to a 700DFC

This article looks at fitting the new Align 800 Fuselage to a 700 DFC airframe,  some of the quirks you come across, tips, pictures and useful information.

The 800 Fuselage is designed for the Align Trex 700 F3C,  so this isn’t a straight forward fitting guide - more of a conversion guide.

Enjoy :)

All parts required for this review were purchased from  

This is a completely independent fitting review,  by a flyer for other flyers, and is based on personal findings and experiences during the fitting process.  

To be clear the Fuselage is NOT designed for the 700DFC and this review covers the fitting of the fuselage outside of what it was designed for so please consider this before starting.  

Wave Fuselage: by Ennio Graber

Ennio has been kind enough to give us an insight into this self designed F3C fuselage.

Please see the links below to his facebook and website.